Places Of Interest

More Places Of Interest To Help Round Out Your Maine Vacation

November 9, 2017

Maine is full of special places to visit. Perhaps you have been considering planning a vacation to the state, and you are wondering what there is to do there. You know for sure that you need to try some Maine lobster. You might know a little about the city of Portland and a few other fun facts, but not having visited the state yet, do you really know what to expect? You will now after reading about some of these top places of interest in the state of Maine.

How do you graze the entire state of Maine and pick what to do? It’s easy, and I think I picked out some great places for you in the last article. I featured Mount Desert Island, Cadillac Mountain, Allagash Brewery, Acadia National Park, Old Port and of course, Cabbage Island. The first place I want to bring to your attention this round is Ogunquit Beach.

Now, I didn’t just send you to this area to enjoy the beach. When looking up the best experiences for traveling Maine, you will run into Ogunquit for sure. What time of year do you plan to travel to Maine? If it is going to be around Christmastime, Ogunquit features an event called Christmas by the Sea. Would you say I have now romanticized this trip even more? It sounds like a plan to me.

Perkins Cove is another popular place of interest in the wonderful state of Maine. And guess what, it is in Ogunquit. You don’t have to visit Ogunquit around Christmastime to have fun there, although it is recommended. At Perkins Cove, you will find cute shops, a drawbridge, a boat tour, a candy store and wonderful restaurants. Now, get ready for the kicker.

The #1 attraction in the state of Maine has not been mentioned yet. It is called Marginal Way. If you decide to take a walk down Marginal Way and take in the views, guess what. Perkins Cove and all of the things mentioned above await you at the end. It looks like I saved the best for last huh?

Enjoy your Maine travels. I think I did a pretty good job of pointing you in the right direction. Now all you have to do is plan that vacation and enjoy the trip of a lifetime. I can’t help but think if I were going to propose and come up with the most romantic way to do it, that Perkins Cove, at the end of Marginal Way in Ogunquit Maine would be an excellent spot.